Learning to fly


Visst kan du flyga….:

”Flying is easier than you think. It doesn’t require special skills, or special body enhancements, like feathers or hollow bones, or mechanical devices like flapping wings or propellers. It cannot be attained through pure mind power, though. You won’t clasp your fingers and take off. No, when I say that learning to fly is easier than you think, I just mean that it’s not impossible. It isn’t. Don’t listen to your common sense. However, since you don’t see many people hovering in the streets, you may guess that the learning curve is quite steep. What do you need to fly ? The answers are always the same. Work. Courage. Dedication. Training. Long hours. Training again. You won’t start levitating before one or two years. Current statistics indicate that only 15% of the flight school students never get off the ground at all. Psychological research shows that the ”grounded for ever” types never really believed they could do it. 75% of the students able to lift their body quit after a few years of practice, and embrace a career where the little they learnt can be used with a high profit, such as basketball. These people fly, but they don’t like their supporters to know, though it was rumoured than Michael Jordan came close to reveal the truth (this was in the 1990s). The remaining 10% become the flight elite. They fly like birds, even better. They are secret, bashful people, and that is perhaps the reason why they were so eager to learn flying in the first place. You won’t see the elite flyers floating around. Their flight habits include a dawn take off from a rooftop or any other isolated and elevated place, a long bout of lonely free flying, high over the cloud layer, and a discreet landing, usually in the countryside. It is a personal practise, not to be shown in public…”

Author: Gilles Tran

Författare: Wikki

Hej! Det här är min blogg. Med mina fyra tassar, arton klor och yviga svans samt en nyfiken nos förmedlas här mina åsikter, med stöd från mattes knä. Där ser jag självklart till att skriva sanningen. Och hur det är att ha två människor som behöver en fast tass. Men nu är det dags för min dagliga promenad ute och den tänker jag inte gå miste om, inte ens för er skull. //Wikipedia

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  1. I boken ”Liftarens guide till galaxen” så sägs det något om att det är lätt att flyga, man behöver bara kasta sig framåt och sedan missa marken… eller något i den stilen.

    1. Ja och hur många av oss har inte känslan av att ha svävat – en bit – och sen kan man liksom inte komma på hur man ska göra för att göra om det…
      NosGos Wikki

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