Katt-tvättmaskin del 4

Jag saxar från nätet:

”The Cat Tub”: This is a cat-washing device, and it’s about time somebody invented one, because if you have ever attempted to wash a cat by hand, you are dumber than you look.
The Cat Tub ad has a photograph of a cat sitting inside a wire basket; the cat’s head and front paws are sticking out the top, through a loose collar. The basket has been submerged, up to the cat’s neck, in a clear plastic cylinder filled with water. There’s a hose attached to a kitchen faucet so that water circulates around the cat, like a washing machine. You just KNOW how much the cat is enjoying this. The cat is staring at the camera, clearly thinking: “Somehow, someday, I am going to evolve to the point where I can order a handgun by mail and GET EVEN with the person who invented this.”

I called up this person, a San Diego architectural draftsman named Brad Davis, who told me that he invented the Cat Tub five years ago for his cat, Juan, when he (Juan) developed a flea problem. “I had to bathe him a lot, and it was VERY difficult,” he said. “Cats go ballistic when you put them in water. And they have claws.”

Davis said that the Cat Tub restrains the cat “very humanely,” so that it has no choice but to sit there and get clean and hate you. “OK, they don’t LOVE it,” he said. “But they TOLERATE it.”

The Cat Tub retails for $59.95; for more information, write to 2445 Juan St., San Diego, Calif. 92110. Operators, in the form of Brad Davis, are standing by.

Jag gillar det där “Cats go ballistic when you put them in water. And they have claws.” 


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